10 Best ways to stop Ticks from Biting your Pet

Tick infested dogs ear

10 Best ways to stop Ticks from Biting your Pet

Now that spring is in the air, and soon summer ticks will be on the prowl. The hard part is taking these bloodsuckers off your dog. If the tick is not removed and left on your pet for extended periods of time, this can cause severe disease for your pet. So how do we keep these pests off our dogs through the summer months?

Here are a few ideas

  • Spot on Treatment: using over the counter spot on medication can be effective for protecting from both ticks and fleas. These drugs will keep parasites at bay for at least a month. Since these spot on medications are great, you need to make sure you get the right one for your pet. Be certain you read all labels carefully and if there are any questions check with your veterinarian.
  • Oral Medication: Pills that are given once a month is readily available for your dog. These medications will kill ticks and immune your pet from immature fleas. These tablets are easy to administer, and you do not have to keep small children and cats away from your dog, like spot on treatments.
  • Shampoos: Bathing your dog with shampoos containing tick and flea medication will create a barrier on you pets coat. This is a labor intensive and inexpensive way to keep ticks and fleas off your pet. The downside of shampooing your dog is that it has to be done about every two weeks versus oral medication and spot on medications will last much longer.
  • Tick Dip: A dip is a concentrated chemical bath where you can put your dog into. The chemical is not rinsed off. The chemicals in a dip can be hazardous if applied incorrectly, so it is necessary to read the label before use. You should never use a dip on puppies younger than four months, or a dog that is pregnant and nursing.
  • Tick Collars: These collars are great to protect the head and neck of your dog. The collars have to make contact with the skin for the medicine to spread across the coat. When applying the collar to your dog, you need to cut the extra length so the dog will not chew on it. After the collar is on the owner needs to watch their pet make sure there is no allergic reaction.
  • Tick Powder: Powders is another way to provide protection for your pet’s coat. When applying a tick powder, make sure you keep it away from the face and the airway. The powder is an irritant to the eyes, and lungs. After applying the powder keep your pet away from children for 15 minutes till the coat can absorb the powder.
  • Sprays: Spraying your pet with tick medication is just another application and has great benefits. The benefit is that you can spray your dog anytime and help prevent ticks from getting onto your pet. This should be applied like how you apply sunscreen to protect your body from the sun. When your pet is going to play in the grass, you should spray their coat with tick medication to prevent them from getting ticks.
  • Treating House and Lawn: Treating your house and lawn will prevent this pest from getting on your pet and family. Any tall grass around the house should be cut and having pest controls come and spray for fleas and ticks. These methods will are great preventions to protect your pet and family.
  • Checking your Dog: When we let our dog go exploring in a field, you need to check them when they come back. Checking your pet every time they go into an area which is not managed or when you go for a walk. This can prevent another tick infestation.
  • Keep your Dog indoors: Wen your pet is kept in-house is the best way to keep ticks off your pet. It is not always healthy to keep your dog in the house all the time cause certain breeds need the exercise.

The list above is great practices to help all dog owners in keeping their pet safe from ticks. If you stick to these methods the chances for your pet to have, ticks will be reduced tremendously. If you like to know how to keep your pet more safe Pet 4 CPR is able to give you that training and knowledge to keep your pet safe through pet CPR and First Aid.