Camp-Run-A-Mutt providing Pet First Aid Classes

This weekend is going to be a great chance for you all to learn Pet First Aid.  Pet 4 CPR has partnered up with Camp-Run-A-Mutt in Kearney Mesa.

Owning pets is rewarding and we as pet owners always want to keep our pets safe from harm.  Unlike with children it can be difficult to keep our pets away from danger.  When our pets get hurt sometimes we feel helpless.  Taking a Pet First Aid class will empower you in knowing what to do when your pet is sick, or injured.

Pet First Aid classes will show you what is normal about your pet.  How to take vital signs from your cat or dog.  Here are some examples of how to find out what is normal with your pet.

  • We show you how to take a rectal temperature for your pet
  • How to see what normal breathing is like for your pet
  • How to check for a pulse
  • Learn how to check if your pet is dehydrated and capullary refill through gums and eyes.

You pet will thank you when you know what to do when your pet is sick or injured.  Pet First Aid will also train you on how to perform pet CPR, and deal with your dog or cat when they are choking.

The class will show you how to identify injuries, treat them and know when you should take your pet to the veterinarian.  Working as a team with your veterinarian will give your pet an overall well being that they will be healthy for a long time.

This weekend Pet 4 CPR will have a class at the Kearny Mesa Camp-Run-A-Mutt to help their clients in knowing Pet CPR.  The class is held once a month and the next class is this Sunday July 17 at noon till 3 PM.  If you go to Camp-Run-A-Mutt website you can get a discounted rate for the class as low as 40 dollars per person.  Their website is

I look forward to seeing all of your and together we can help keep our pets healthy and safe through training and education.