Human food you can share with your dog on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving food

Thanksgiving is a time for the whole family to get together and the most important member of your family is your furry friend.  At my house, we have a tradition of letting our dog beg for our food. What we like to show you are the top Thanksgiving foods you can safely feed your furry friend.  


Turkey is the usually the number one food dish served on most holidays.  The white meat from the turkey is a good source of lean protein for your pet.  It is important to note that small bones can be lodged in the flesh. The stray bones in poultry can be dangerous to your pet.   Another part of the turkey to be careful about is the skin and fat which can cause your pet some other problems. Feeding your pet too much fat can lead to a tummy problem or more severe pancreatitis.  

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin served to your pet can be an excellent vegetable for your pet. A pumpkin pie made traditionally can cause tummy pains.  There are some treats for your pet that is pumpkin pie style dog treats.  Pumpkin treat is excellent for your pet, and there is some special dog treats that taste just like pumpkin pie. 


We know that cranberry is excellent for the digestive system and helps with kidney function.  When it comes to your pet raw cranberries can be very harmful to your pet. Cranberry sauce is diluted with sugar, and we only recommend a small amount for your dog.  The cranberry sauce needs to have real sugar because of any cranberry sauce made with artificial sweeteners like xylitol can be very harmful to your pet.  We recommend that you do not feed any cranberries to your pet.  

Can Greenbeans 

Green beans are great for your dog as long as there is no salt or seasoning.  The seasoning can hurt your pet’s belly. Green beans are a low-calorie snack with high vitamin and iron for your pet. In some dog foods have raw green beans mixed with the other foods they eat. 


Carrots are an excellent source for vitamin A and fiber. They are a primary ingredient for most dry dog foods.  Raw baby carrots are ok for your pet, but soft steamed carrots are better for your dog’s digestive system.  It is ok to give your pet cooked, fresh and frozen carrots.  It is ok to provide your pet canned carrots as long it is not drenched in salt or sugar. 

Sweet Potatoes 

Your pups may love sweet potatoes, especially after they have been steamed.  Sweet potatoes can give your pet a great source of vitamin B and Vitamin A.  The sweet potato can be steamed, baked and mashed for your pet.  Sweet potato is a great food to give your dog for Thanksgiving.  


Many dogs will eat apples, and they like the sweet, tart and crunchy apples. This is a healthy treat to provide fiber for your pet. When serving your pet apples, make sure you cut the apples for your dog to consume quickly.  Mix pumpkin and apple bowl would be great for your pet as a great treat.  

There are many different foods you can serve for Thanksgiving.  Every family has their traditions and when it comes to your pet make sure that the food you give your pet is safe for them.  Having your dog at the table can lead to new traditions, and you will have a lot of fun feeding the family and your pet.  

Make sure for your pet that they do not get exposed to chocolate, Candy, Grapes, and raisins, Macadamia Nuts, Onions, Garlic, Pitted fruits, Anything caffeinated, Sugary Desserts, high-fat items, Salty foods, Alcohol, or anything containing Xylitol.