Is Bread Helpful for a Dog’s Digestion

Is Bread Helpful for your Dog's Digestion

Is Bread Helpful for a Dog’s Digestion

Have you ever heard of the “wise tale” feeding a dog bread can make their upset stomachs better? This is one time that an old wise tale is true, under certain circumstances.

Here are three situations when feeding a dog bread can be helpful.

1.Your dog has eaten something with sharp points or edges:
Dogs love to chew on bones, but sometimes they go to far and break off shards. Dogs are also known to eat nails, skewers, and needles. Sharp objects can create a lot of damage as it travels through the digestive system. The worst case scenario is the sharp object can perforate the esophagus, stomach or intestines. With the damage, sharp objects can do to the GI track can let the digestive juices into the body cavity. When a dog ingests a large meal of bread, the bread can encase the sharp object to prevent it from damaging the digestive system. If you have to make your dog vomit from eating sharp objects, it’s nice to have them ingest bread to coat the esophagus.

2. Your Dog has eaten a long piece of String, Yarn, or something similar.
A long piece of string, yarn or string which vets call “linear foreign body.” Often one part of the string will anchor itself in the intestines and become stuck. When this happens, the intestine will start to peristaltic action and make the intestine contract like an accordion. This prevents the intestines to work properly, and if left untreated this can result into peritonitis.

3. Your Dog has an Upset Tummy.
Sometimes when we do not eat, or we eat something wrong, our stomachs can feel acidic. Your pet may have similar problems, and it can also be upsetting to their tummy after they have vomited. The best thing is to feed your dog bread to coat their stomach. The bread acts like a sponge to soak up the acid and calm the tummy down.

Bread can be a great way to help with your dog when they eat the wrong thing. The best kind of bread to use for your dog is usually fine wheat or white bread. The reason is that it has a soaking power.