Items needed for Pet Emergency Kit

Items needed for Pet Emergency Kit

Items needed for Pet Emergency Kit

Being prepared for disasters keeps our families and us safe. Sometimes we forget to have proper preparations for our pets. The importance of a pet emergency kit can save your pet’s life. In this blog, I am going to talk about the items needed for pet emergency kits. Having a pet emergency kit can and will save the life of your dog or cat. According to Pet MD, when disaster strikes, being stocked and ready to face an emergency is the best way to keep your family safe.


Water is a precious resource for everyone, especially for your pets. When a disaster strikes, there might not be any fresh water. It is important to be fully stocked with water and if possible have a renewable source of clean water.


Food is another major resource needed for any disaster. Some pets are capable of hunting and gather food when they are hungry, but certain breeds are not able to fend for themselves. That is why you will need to save canned food or dry bag food for your pet.


Just like humans, pets may have chronic illnesses, and they need their medication too. Speak with your veterinarian ahead of time to secure an emergency supply of pet medicines you may not have access to if your community is hit with severe weather.

Proof of Ownership:

Having proof of ownership of your pet is necessary during a disaster. When there is a disaster your pet may run off, and you will need proof that your pet is yours. Having pictures and papers in a sealed air-tight container.

Proof of recent Vaccinations:

Proof of recent vaccinations is good to have if your family has a shelter to go. Some shelter facilities will send your pet to a separate shelter from the owners, and they will require that all vaccines are up to date.

An Emergency Help List:

An emergency help list will be helpful in a disaster. Because everyone in the affected community will be in survival mode, you will want to have a list of helpful neighbors and emergency boarding facilities handy. Knowing where you’ll need to go to ensure your pet is safely cared for ahead of time will ensure your pet is safe for the duration of the emergency.

Leashes and Pet Carriers:

Leashes and pet carriers are necessary because during disasters pets can get in the way. The small dogs and cats need to be in carriers, and larger dogs will need to be on leashes. During natural disasters, there are downed power lines and contaminated water. Having your pet secured will save their lives.

ID Tags:

ID tags for your pet is a great way to identify you pet if they get away from you. Some pets are given a chip IDs. The chip is a great way to identify your pet when you get separated.

First Aid Kit:

Medical first aid kits for your pet is essential. On a good day, we care for our pets and always have the veterinarian number on our phone. During a disaster, the vet clinic is no longer open. The training you have in first aid and the use of a first aid kit will save your pet’s life.

Creature Comforts:

The creature comforts will make any disaster a little easier. Your pet is no different. When a disaster happens, our pets life will be turned around. When you have to relocate to a shelter, it is good to have toys and the sleeping bed for your pets. Cats are good to have an extra litter and fresh sheets.

Most Important:

The knowledge you have in keeping your pet safe will go so much further than all the supplies in the world during a disaster. To keep your pets safe, knowing pet CPR and first aid can keep your pets safe and alive through a catastrophe. The more prepared you are for any event, the better chance you have to save the lives of your family and pets.