Keep your Dog Safe On Halloween


Halloween can be the spookiest time of the year, but you do not have to worry about your pet if you know how to keep them safe.  The ASPCA has a few common hints on how to keep your pet safe till November 1. 

Stash the Treats

The candy that is in the bowl is practically toxic to all pets, especially chocolates and dark chocolates. These candies can be very dangerous for cats and dogs.  Sugar-free candies contain a sugar substitute xylitol which is extremely dangerous for pets.  If you suspect your pet is ingesting any of these candies or anything that could be dangerous to your pet you should contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Hotline at 1-888-426-4435. Immediately. 

Watch for decorations and Keep Wires Out of Reach.

Having a carved, lit Jack-O-Lantern is festive, but your pet could knock it down and start a fire.  Cats and kittens who are curious and they can sing or burn themselves around an open flame.  Some plants like Pumpkins and decorative corn are considered non-toxic but can create a stomach ache for your pet.  

Be Careful with Costumes:

If you want to have your pet wear a costume, remember that this can cause undue stress for your pet. Make sure the outfit you choose does not impede your pets ability to move, bark, breath or ability to see.  You need to make sure anything that is dangling on the costume is in a place where your pet can reach it. This is to prevent a possible choking hazard.  Be sure to have your pet try on the costume just before the Halloween day.  If the suit does create a problem with your pet, you can have them showcase their birthday suit or a festive bandana.  

Keep You pet Calm and easily Identifiable. 

Halloween brings a flurry of visitors to your house, and this can create some stress to your pet.  Some best ideas are if your dog or cat is not very friendly, you can place them in another.  You should have your pet’s tags on and updated in case they dart out of the door.  The odd costumes can make your pet feel scared, so it is best to have at least one person not dressed up to give your pet a sense of normalcy.