Why do Cats Get Stuck in Trees

Stuck in a Tree



Feline species cats are known for their athletics and agility. To always lands on their feet.  Every so often we will find cats that get up in a tree and then they seem to know now how to get out and remains stuck in the tree.  Why do cats easily climb up the tree but then has a problem getting down?

Why do Cats Climb Trees in the First Place?

Cats are known as preditor to small animals, but cats are not at the top of the food chain. They can have predators try to attack them and when they are threatened cats will climb to a higher location.  Sometimes climbing the tree will give the cat a feeling of safety and hiding from other predators.  Some cats will climb the tree to get a better perspective on their surroundings.  Cats will climb a tree just for the fun of it so the questions can be a mute point on why a cat will climb the tree in the first place. 

Why do Cats get Stuck?

It is easy for a cat to climb up a tree.  Sometimes when your cat is excited outside you will see them race up the tree without thinking about it.  The problem is the cat to come down.  If you notice on your cat’s claws are designed to help the animal move forward, but when they have to come down, and gravity is behind them, then their nails are not useful.  Sometimes when a cat is scared up a tree your pet may be too scared to come down or to jump to the ground. If your cat is an indoor cat and declawed, then they are more likely to get stuck in the tree.  

What to do if a Cat gets Stuck in a Tree.

In an impossible scenario, you may see the little girl with her cat stuck in the tree and the fire department comes and rescues the cat.   In reality, if you called the fire department to save a cat, you may end up ignored.  The best thing you can do is get below the tree and calmly talk the cat down. Your cat may stay up because it is too scared to come down or other cat reasons.  If this happens, you can leave food out for your cat and watch it come down on its own.  When some people get stuck in a tree, we provide them with a ladder. For your cat, you can make a ramp or a group of platforms to ease the descent of your cat from the tree. When all fails, you can always call for others to help you but we do not recommend you going up the tree after the cat because that can put you in danger of falling.  

Your cat loves to climb, but they can get stuck just as easy as you can.  You cat will have the fear of falling just like you can. Cats may seem to land on their feet but this is not always possible.  If you cat falls then they can be injured and you will then need to provide first aid.  That is what Pet 4 CPR can help you with for your cat.