How to Treat Spinal Injury for your pet

How to Treat Spinal Injury for your pet

How to Treat Spinal Injury for your pet

Myelomalacia or hematomyelia is an acute, progressive and ischemic necrosis of the spine after injuring the spinal cord. The premature death (necrosis) of the cells in the spine happens forward and backwards from the injury site.

Dogs and cats of any age can succum to this injury.


Paralysis of hind limbs
Numbness to pain in areas lower than the injury
Loss of tone and reflexes in hind limbs due to softening of spinal cord (malacia)
Dilated anus


According to the Pet MD website there are no real treatments to reverse spinal cord damage. There is also no single treatment that is therapeutic where all veterinarians agree. There are medication that can be given but the results are not proven effective. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done with dogs and cats with spinal injuries.

Manage Care:

There are many devices that can help your pet get around with this kind of injury or give them a better way of life. But your veterinarian will recommend euthanize your pet so it will not suffer any more.

Pet4CPR is here to help train you in the first aid protocols so we can prevent spinal injuries and allow our pets to have a much safer and fun life with its owner. We can train pet owners on knowing how care for their pets and have a long wonderful relationship with their cat or dog.