Cat Urinary Blockage

Cat Urinary Blockage

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If you ever see your cat trying to go to the litter box with a distressed look on its face, can mean that your cat is suffering from urinary tract obstruction.

Urinary tract obstruction is a severe medical condition for male cats, and you need to respond quickly to help them.

According to PetMD, we have some useful information on how to take care of your cat with this condition.


You will see your cat hunch over the litter box, and it may seem like they are constipated at first. When they urinate, it may be cloudy or bloody, and the cat may howl in pain. They may vomit and stop caring to eat or groom self, and they get depressed.


There are several known risk factors on urinary obstructions. They range from track stones to urinary disease and prostate disease in male cats.


The veterinarian can feel for any distention in the abdomen and see if there is renal failure. This can increase waste and can flow into the bloodstream. The vet will need to get x-rays and run blood panels to determine if it is a complete renal failure. Then the can will need surgery to correct the situation.

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