What is Normal for your Cat?

What is Normal for your Cat?

What is Normal for your Cat?

Our cats seem to be independent and they don’t always let you know when they are feeling bad. We as cat owners have to look for signs that tells us when our cat is not feeling well. The first thing to identify that your cat is sick or healthy is by knowing what is normal for your cat. According to the VCA website we can show you how to take your cats temperature, pulse and respiration (Breathing).


Your cat’s temperature can easily be take rectally or by the ear. Be sure to have the correct thermometer for the proper area that you will be taking the temperature from. The old traditional class thermometers are mainly used for rectal temperatures and these temps are usually most accurate. For most cat the temperature is between 100 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to call your veterinarian for any temperature below 99 or above 103 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heart rate (Pulse):

To check your cats pulse it is necessary to carry a watch or have a stopwatch with a second hand on it. You can feel on the left side of your cats chest for its heart beat. You can also fell in the inner part of the cats thigh too. When feeling for the pulse you can monitor for about a full minute and you will then know the heart rate for your cat. A normal heart rate for cats is usually between 140 to 220 Beats Per Minute. The pulse can differ if the cat has just been running around, after eating, and sleeping. Remember to consult your local veterinarian if the pulse is too slow or way to fast.


This symptom check is very simple to do. To check to see if your cat is breathing properly, you just have to look at its chest to watch them breath. After one minute and count the times the chest rises you can see that most cats respiration rate is between 20 to 30 breaths per minute. If it is faster it usually means they are in distress or they are panting. That is a way for a cat to cool off when hot.

I hope this helps you understand and get to know what is normal for your cat. The Pet4CPR is here to show you more of what is normal for you cat and can teach you how to take care of your precious cat during a medical emergency. Our class is as low as $60.00 and we will show you CPR and First Aid.